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Discuss your perspective on oppression

Hi this has 3 parts. the files with numbers goes to part 1, journal goes to part 2, and a link goes to part 3. thank you so much!
After reading the required chapters in the Shulman text, describe at least two roles that social workers perform and the likely settings where these roles occur. What is your experience in these roles, or do you anticipate performing them? What level of comfort do you have in performing these roles?
Clients face challenges when attempting to resolve difficulties that prevent them from living successfully. In part, these challenges are embedded into the social network of resources and systems. To prepare for this discussion, make sure to read the week’s required journal articles.
Discuss your perspective on oppression and the barriers social workers encounter while assisting others. How will such barriers influence your practice?
Identify at least one ethical dilemma discussed in the readings. How would you address that dilemma?
Include any experiences you have had working with clients experiencing systemic oppression.
Go to the Project Implicit website. Harvard Implicit Association Test. Select one of the Implicit bias tests and complete it. Write your experience and reaction in the journal. Your journal will be private and shared only with your instructor.
There is no length requirement for the contributions you make to this entry; however, your reflection must demonstrate comprehension and application of what you gained from this experience and how it will hinder or assist your work with others.
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