Urban and Environmental Planning

The second written assignment, which constitutes the second project milestone, a

The second written assignment, which constitutes the second project milestone, asks students to provide a more detailed project outline than the short initial project statement provided in Assignment #1 (i.e. the brief project topic statement).The outline should include three key elements: (1) a general overview of your project plan, which includes a statement of goals and key objectives or project activities, what data or information or other logistical steps are needed to accomplish those objectives or activities, what the final work product will look like(basic form of that work product), and if applicable, a statement that a work relationship with a client organization is confirmed, (2) a list of key tasks to accomplish in order to complete the key elements of the project, and (3) a timeline for completion of those individual tasks in order to support overall completion of the project.
The purpose of the Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to build upon the initial project outline provided in Assignment1, which of course mainly asked students to identify a topic and set a basic goal for the project. This request for a more detailed project plan is both important as a means of clarifying goals and, equally important ,as a means of having students think through what specific work tasks are needed, what next steps are in the project, and what kind of work schedule is needed to complete all project activities. IE, the assignment is designed to be useful as a tool to help each student get on track toward an efficient implementation of a project strategy and thus be successful in their work effort overall.