Religion / Theology : Theology

What is my understanding of a biblical approach to understanding God’s perspective on how I should approach disability and suffering?

Final Synthesis Paper
– Bible
– 2 forms of peer reviewed sources
The final paper for this course is a 7-10 page cumulative synthesis paper wherein students will have an opportunity to reflect academically, philosophically/theologically, and affectively on the course material. The successful assignment will engage with the materials from the course (readings, lectures, activities, discussions, etc., the interview project), AND two sources that are additional research materials (journal articles, other books, etc.) from the student’s own discovery process. Conceptually, the overarching question each student must address is:
•    What is my understanding of a biblical approach to understanding God’s perspective on how I should approach disability and suffering? Other questions to consider are:
•    What are the practical implications of this understanding for how I teach and serve my students?
•    How do the resources or knowledge have I discovered support my philosophical/theological understanding of disability and suffering?
•    What biblical texts or stories have impacted my understanding of disability and suffering?
•    Where have I seen the Imago Dei present in individuals with disabilities with whom I have interacted?
•    Has my own perspective been challenged, changed, or solidified? Why?

The final paper is to be submitted by uploading to Moodle by 9:00pm on Friday, September 30th, 2022. Papers also need to be uploaded to to verify academic integrity (see Course Policy statement). This paper should be no less than seven pages and should reflect the appropriate formatting. PLEASE NOTE: This Final Paper is the signature assignment for this class. It will be graded according to the rubric at the end of this syllabus. Please adhere closely to the expectations in that rubric.

Religion / Theology : Theology

Define theology.

Theo paper:
Answer ONLY TWO of the following three questions. Choose any two questions you would like. Write the paragraphs in the form of PEEL, not just stating facts. Raise questions in your response too and give concrete examples from the outside world.
Each question should be answered separately and take up 2 pages. 4 pages in total, 2 pages for each.
Criteria for grading, comprehensive, critical, contextual, and clarity.
1.) According to James Cone, “the black theologian must reject any conception of God which stifles black self-determination by picturing God as a God of all peoples.” Reflect on this assertion by discussing the historical backdrop, description, and sources of black theology. Identify the major criticisms of black theology.
2.) According to Delores Williams, “if black liberation theology wants to include black women and speak on behalf of the most oppressed black people today … theologians must ask themselves some questions.” What are these questions? Connect your answer to the historical backdrop, description, and sources of womanist theology.
3.) How is theology faith seeking understanding? Define theology. Discuss the importance of critical thinking to theological reflection. In terms of the sources for engaging in theology, which one do you find more compelling? Explain.

This is a link to a website that offers the book “Liberation theologies in the united states’ ‘, you just have to download it as a pdf. Use this book to answer 2 questions as well as outside sources of your choice.