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Explain social contract theory

Watch the video:
Also, read the Social Contract Theory lecture (attached as PDF).
From there, reflect on Sandel’s first lecture, which is called “The Moral Side of Murder.” In particular, reflect on the case of the Trolley Car and what you would do in such a case. Furthermore, reflect on the society in which you live as well as the people with which you conduct daily interactions. Would they judge your choice as the right thing to do? Bear in mind that according to the social contract theory, in order to reduce chaos and promote peace, people must collectively agree to act morally. Also, according to your text, in order for the social contract theory to work properly, people must set aside their personal hostilities towards others in exchange for reciprocity. Explain social contract theory. In the world you are currently living in, is setting aside personal hostilities in exchange for reciprocity possible to do? Why or why not? Whether you agree if it is possible or not, please also briefly comment on what dangers may exist with the social contract theory if it were strictly incorporated into daily life. What would happen if it were not utilized?