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Identify ways managers can reward performance.

Conceptual Assignment #2
Due   Sunday by                  11:59pm
Points 100
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Address the below:
Describe the expectancy theory of motivation.
Identify ways managers can reward performance.
Identify the stages and elements of preventive stress management for individuals and organizations.
Explain five communication barriers and gateways through them.
Identify the factors that influence group behavior.
The purpose of the Conceptual Assignments is to evaluate what you  have learned in the textbook chapters and research. You are required to  show an in-depth understanding of Organizational Behavior Management.  The assignments, require in-depth knowledge through research, hence the  need for more references and citations.
The Conceptual Assignment must follow the following guidelines:
You must give quality answers that show mastery of the concepts  being discussed, using clear logic, and supporting facts. Also, the  answers must directly address the questions using chapter readings and  research.
Conceptual assignments test the understanding of key concepts and  elements of Organizational Behavior Management, therefore, they must be  thoroughly addressed.
You must use citations with references to document information  obtained from sources. The key elements of human resources in  Organizational Behavior Management are found in the sources listed in  the syllabus it is your duty to search for them, read, analyze,  evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your answers, and cite the authors  who wrote the articles, books, term papers, memoirs, studies, etc. What  it means is that you will have not less than 5 references from the listed sources.
Grammatically correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
Questions or Topics must be typed out as headings, with follow up  answers in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at the end of  the paper.
The Assignment must be in APA format and is due no later than the specified time

Marketing homework help

Pick a Fortune 500 company and discuss its positioning

Jack Trout and Al Ries brought the concept of positioning into the marketing mainstream with their book, Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind, published in 1980 and since updated several times. In brief, they define positioning as the mental short list that a consumer has in her mind when she starts to think about shopping for something. Your brand should have a position somewhere on that list, as close to the top of it as possible. If you are not on the list at all, your brand will probably not be considered.
That mental shortlist will typically be about 5 to 7 items long and often shorter, almost never longer. For example, when consumers start thinking about buying a new car, they don’t think of the dozens of possibilities out there, they think about choices with which they are already familiar and which stand out from the crowd.
The authors argue that it is the job of marketers to make their brands seem different from competitors and different in ways that the intended target audience will see as important and preferable.
“Positioning” then becomes a process of figuring out a short summary about the brand to make it memorable and likable. Often, this is summarized in a single phrase or sentence, like BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” or Disney’s “Where dreams come true.”
Such statements often take the form of what advertising people call a “tagline” or “slogan.” But this is not always the case. Sometimes brands use multiple approaches to create a brand image that communicates a message to set it apart from competitors. For example, Volvo is widely perceived as a very safe car that will protect people inside the car even when there is a bad accident. Recently, Subaru has also started to use the same idea, and I would argue that this makes Subaru look somewhat like a “me too” brand, one that is “Johnny come lately” to a category that Volvo established years ago.
1. Pick a Fortune 500 company and discuss its positioning and the tactics/actions it uses to get this positioning to “stick” in someone’s mind.
2. Must include an Executive Summary, Introduction, and Conclusion.
2. A minimum of 5 pages excluding title page, executive summary (on a page by itself), reference page.
3. At least three outside peer-reviewed sources for the references
4. APA formatting

Marketing homework help

How can market segmentation be useful for the organization?

Review the market segmentation, targeting, an positioning strategy (STP) of your organization (place of employment). How can market segmentation be useful for the organization? On what factors do you suggest the organization base its market segmentation? How can the organization benefit from the market segment it pursues? Identify and discuss the targeting strategy that is ideal for the organization based on the segmentation strategy. Lastly, discuss the strategic positioning of the organizational offerings; does strategy make good marketing management sense or not; explain.

Marketing homework help

Discuss the difficulties service companies face in marketing.

Week 4 Discussion Forum (MGT5430 Organizational Behavior)
How does the Z      problem-solving model capitalize on the strengths of the four personality      type preferences?
What five types      of power were identified by John French and Bertram Raven? What are the      effects of these types of power? What is information power?
Describe the      alternative decision strategies used by a leader in the Vroom-Yetton-Jago      normative decision theory.
Week 4 Discussion Forum (MKT6920 Marketing Management)
Discuss the difficulties service companies face in marketing.  How might they seek to achieve service excellence?
Unit 4 Discussion Board (ACC325 Forensic Accounting)
Julia Katchum is in charge of the Eastern Regional Counterterrorism Computer Forensics Unit. Her recent investigations led her to believe that an imminent threat of a terrorist act in the Chicago area exists. She did not know much about the attack except that at least four terrorists were involved, and one of them had just made a phone call from inside the main offices of Stevenson and Barnes International Accounting Firm. Her immediate task was to proceed directly to Stevens and Barnes with an eight-person tactical team including a counterterrorism field officer to apprehend the suspect.
Julia’s primary mission was to search the suspect’s office and home computers and find any information that could help thwart the attack. It was though the attack could take place before the day was over.

When Julia and the CTU (counterterrorism unit) team arrived at the accounting firm, only the CTU officer went inside to avoid drawing undue attention. Inside, the CTU officer surreptitiously spoke to the security guard at the front desk and asked to be escorted to the office of the head of security. Once there, the CTU officer used the building’s surveillance cameras to locate the suspect who was in the center of a very large room full of staff accountants working in individual cubicles.

The CTU officer decided against sending in the entire team and to make the arrest alone. There was too big a chance that the suspect could see the team coming at him because of his position in the center of the room. If he saw them coming, he could have time to delete valuable evidence or to notify other terrorists.

The CTU officer worked his way through the cubicles in as casual a way as possible, but when he got half way to his destination; the suspect seemed to identify him and began typing frantically on his computer. When the CTU officer realized what the suspect was doing, he ran the rest of the way and stopped the suspect by pressing his 10mm pistol into the side of the man’s head.

The CTU raided the suspect’s home at the same moment he was arrested. Just a few minutes later, the officer in charge of that raid delivered the notebook computer to John Dobson, CTU’s forensic accountant, as he was just beginning to look over the suspect’s computer in the Stevens and Barnes offices.

John noted the following facts:

The suspect’s office computer had opened an instant messenger program. He could see a piece of a message written in Arabic.

The battery in the home notebook computer was warm, even though it was turned off and not plugged in when it was seized.

What approach should John take in examining the two computers? What are some specific things that he should include in his examination?
Unit 4 DB: Outsourcing (ACC430 Accounting Information Systems)
Let’s close the textbooks for this one. A lot of people are talking about “Outsourcing”. There is a trend to send accounting, architecture, and computer related jobs overseas to India and other countries because the labor is so much cheaper. It’s become such a hot topic that it became a major issue in political campaigns.

What’s you opinion on this topic?   Is this just good competition or unfair competition? Do you think there is a risk sending high tech jobs overseas, regarding possibly sensitive data?   Corporations Board of Directors are responsible for the well-being of the company and to maximize profits. Aren’t they just doing their job?   What can be done to stop this or should we? Is it an overreaction?

Cite one Web page that went into your research of this topic.

Marketing homework help

How would you advise management on creating an Omni-channel distribution strategy?

How would you advise management on creating an Omni-channel distribution strategy? What must be established?

Marketing homework help

How strong are the companies’ brands in the market?

Write 9-pg Brand Analysis Report on 2 competitors and the 8 branding elements, plus answer 5 questions. Also: 1-pg Exec Sum, Go/ No-Go Recommendations, 1-pg Table comparing 2 brands.
· 12 to 13 pages, plus title and references pages, appendix.
· Tip: Be sure to include your analysis, What do you think? Avoid having a report that’s just a “Stack of Facts” – provide your insight.
· Reminder: Key words in writing: Direct & clear response to questions, Specifics (vs broad / vague / general) info, Succinct.
Title Page
Table of Contents
(Recommended page count/max: 8 Brand elements and 5 questions (1/2 to 2/3 page each). Be sure to use bold subheads for these 13 sub-sections.
Executive Summary (1 pg).
Brand Analysis on 2 competitors (intro para.)
Brand Comparison (1 pg table): Tips: Your 1-pg table comparing the 2 brands could go at the end of this paragraph, or at end of the 8 subsections below.
· I don’t micro-grade on the placement of graphics, etc.  A business report “reads” more clearly if graphics are placed adjacent to relevant content in the paper (vs APA Style of in the Appendix). Either way, be sure to properly ID your graphics: Relevant header at top. Below and/or in a paragraph above/below the chart: Clearly explain / point out the key “results / etc.”) that make chart important. “Point” reader to where you want them to see something on graphic.
· For the 13 elements in this part of the report:
Brand Personality (for each of these 8, provide your: definition of term, research findings, your analysis)
Brand Image
Brand Identity
Brand Differentiation
Brand Positioning
Brand Communication
Brand Loyalty
Brand Equity (including financial equity)
Competitors’ Brand Strength
How strong are the companies’ brands in the market?
Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses
What are the factors contributing to their strengths and weaknesses?
Competition Between ___ and ___
How are these two brands competing against each other? How strong is their global performance?
Consumer Perceptions
How do consumers perceive their brands?
Sub-Brands and Extensions
Are there any sub-brands? Are there any brand extensions?
Go / No Go

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Describe and analyze an O.B. problem(s)

The Course Project:
An organizational development intervention is typically required when  a problem, such as morale, behavior, or absenteeism, poses a threat to  productivity and profitability.
You are an internal organizational consultant in an organization in  which you are now employed, or in an organization in which you were  recently employed. Describe and analyze an O.B. problem(s) and recommend  an organizational plan for change and intervention, based on what you  have learned from this course. Provide your rationale as to why you  think your approach will help. This will require a practitioner analysis  of the organizational problem of interest to you and an academic  literature review of similar organization problems and interventions  that you believe will be most beneficial in solving the problem. Also,  provide an evaluation plan for the proposed intervention(s).
Key components of Phase I:
Introduce your paper – Since the first paragraph or section of a  document is assumed to be the introduction, “the heading ‘Introduction’  is not needed. Do not begin a paper with an ‘Introduction’ heading”  (APA, 2020, p. 47). The first section heading after the introductory  paragraph or section should be a Level 1 heading (APA, 2020, p. 47).
Problem Identification (Description of the problem)
Description of the Organization (Hypothetical or real)
Context of the Problem – provide specific details about patterns  observed or tangible evidence that the problem impacts productivity and  efficiency. This creates a compelling need for change and intervention.  If possible, include statistical data and quotes from workers to support  each statement you make:
How do you know it’s a problem?
Specifically, what is the problem?
Provide a summary projection of what you will address in Phase II
Not less than 5 references
Course Project Phase I must be in APA format and it is due no later than the specified time Saturday, January 29

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What are the costs of distress to organizations?

Week 3 Discussion (MGT5430 Organizational Management)
Why should      organizations be concerned about stress at work? What are the costs of      distress to organizations?
Compare one-way      communication and two-way communication.
Describe at      least five tasks and five maintenance functions that effective work teams      must perform.
Week 3 Discussion (MKT6920 Marketing Management)
Discuss how a company creates sustainable competitive advantage for its products.
INITIAL POST (10 points):
Quality:  1 post of substantive quality which reflects mastery of the topics covered adding value and significant contribution to the discussion – 4 points.
Citation:  Use of citation (s) to support your position – 1 point.
Length:  Minimum of 3 paragraphs (3-5 sentences each) – 3 points
Timeliness:  Initial post made by 11:55 pm ET on each Wednesday – 2 points.

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Select one brand and discuss how they execute marketing strategy.

Take time to reflect on marketing and how it influences your consumer decisions. Select one brand and discuss how they execute marketing strategy. Also, discuss why you feel they are successful and what you think  they should continue to implement post COVID-19 to remain relevant in the marketplace.
Support your position with relevant external research.

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Discuss the most significant differences between servant leadership models and other leadership models.

Write a 500-750 word analysis in which you discuss the following:
Discuss the most significant differences between servant leadership models and other leadership models. Include specific examples that highlight the differences.
Explain the paradoxical nature of servant leadership. Provide examples that support your rationale.
Provide an explanation of where the paradoxical nature of servant leadership is seen in your graphical representation.
Use a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your analysis.
Format is attached