Law : Public administration

What are specific data trends in economic development

Instructions: please start by reviewing the article, “Writing Effective Memoranda” which is included with the instructions of this assignment. In a 1-1.5 page single-spaced Word document, you will write a memo to the mayor or administrator of your own city/area or a city/area of your choice that you would be comfortable presenting to public officials as an employee. Follow the “Writing Effective Memoranda” article for the appropriate way to approach this. Your memo will outline ONE primary challenge that is facing your chosen city. Examples of an issue you want to focus upon include:
–  Economic development – is it too fast, unplanned, too slow; can there be greater efforts to entice new businesses and residents into your city? What are specific data trends in economic development (e.g. growth levels, budgets, resource usage, taxation, etc.)
•    –  Crime – has it been going up? Which groups/categories (i.e. juveniles, white collar, theft) have tended to commit crimes the most in your community? What are specific data trends in crime (e.g. various categories of crime rates, police budgets, staffing and resources, comparisons to national level data trends, etc.)
•    –  Trends in jobs / unemployment rates. What are specific data trends in jobs and unemployment? (e.g. unemployment rates over time, job growth industries, number of college educated entrants into the job market, local spending levels and revenues, etc.)
•    –  The quality of government services / service delivery in your city. What are specific data trends in service delivery? (e.g. survey data on citizen perceptions, approval levels, response times for various services to local residents, spending levels on services, number of personnel, etc.)
•    –  Local school district performance. What are specific data trends in school performance (e.g. test scores data over time, student participation levels, school budgets and spending levels, completion and graduation rates, levels of attainment of educational standards, etc.)
•    –  The effectiveness of emergency management plans. What are specific data trends in emergency management services? (e.g. budget levels, personnel, spending on services such as equipment and interactions in the community, response times, etc.)
•    –  Traffic patterns. What are specific data trends in traffic? (e.g. increases or decreases in traffic levels over time, spending on roads and infrastructure, congestion levels, contributions to economic development and local growth as new businesses and residents move in, etc.)
You will select one of these issues to write on based upon your interest from the above list, and frame your memo in terms of the importance of the policy issue and its relevance in public administration and the implementation of policy. You will want to research pertinent statistical data on trends for your issue area as evidence of your case (i.e. as indicated above— crime rates; economic growth rates; job trends; amount of traffic; etc.). You may want to include one relevant graph on the most significant data trends for this topic, which you provide on the second page of your memo after your 1-1.5 pages of analysis as evidence. This graph should be original and created by you in Word or Excel using the data from the sources you consult, and NOT COPIED AND PASTED from another source (which would be plagiarism).