Investing and Financial Markets

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Executive Summary (1 page max)
Summarize findings.
Answer the question: How have the value for FO and its returns changed from the prior week?
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Answer questions posed for that week.
Complete Week 4 – Loan/Equity Sizing Tab (reminder to use the stated holding period provided in Module One) and then
answer the following questions: answer the following questions (EXCEL FILE ATTACHED):
1. Summarize in a CHART format what are the stated returns from a leveraged perspective? Are the returns achieving or
exceeding returns in the Week One Mission Statement? If not, what adjustments are needed and why?
2. This week’s chapters speak about government controls (what types of controls impact the use of FO?), market
forecasting (what did we learn from the data provided on rents?) and contracts (what third party agreements would you
need to craft when owning FO?).