Health Care and Life Sciences : Public Health

What stakeholders will be engaged in the program evaluation?

Begin by selecting a public health program in your community that interests you.  ( My community is in Montgomery County, Maryland USA)
Choose one public health program in my community: Please see link below to choose program
Then, create and upload a brief evaluation outline addressing each point below with a reference page.
Should be -Bullet point format
Stakeholder involvement:
What stakeholders will be engaged in the program evaluation?
Who will use the evaluation results?
Program description:
What is the name of the program?
What is the program’s mission, goals, and objectives?
What are the major components of the program? (For example, what services and/or events does the program provide?)
Does the program seek to address a health disparity in the community?
Discuss the diversity of the health program
Evaluation focus:
What is the purpose of the evaluation?
What type of evaluation will be conducted? (Formative, summative, process, impact, or outcome)
Data sources and methods
Where or how will you obtain data to measure the program?
Will qualitative or quantitative data be used? Or a mixed methods approach?
Use, dissemination, and sharing plan
Who will receive the evaluation results?
How will the results be disseminated?
You are required to cite at least three sources to complete this assignment. All writing assignments are required to be submitted through TurnItIn (plagiarism software) and be adhered to APA format guidelines. APA formatted in-text citations should be used throughout.