Geology (and other Earth Sciences)

What was the role of exposure

Project #2: Mass wasting, Earthquake, Volcano, or Tsunami case study
Global Natural Hazards Fall 2022
Total points: 25
In this project, you will create a 1-page fact sheet on a natural disaster event caused by either a mass wasting event, or an earthquake, volcano or tsunami. Similar to Project #1, you fill get to choose any historical event that you want.
What is different for Project 2 compared to Project 1?
1. The hazard must have been created by an earthquake, volcano, tsunami, or a mass wasting event. (It is ok if it involved more than one of these hazards).
2. The hazard must have caused a natural disaster.
3. Instead of making a slide presentation, you will make a 1-page fact sheet.
Important: For the 1-page fact sheet: use the template on the next page.
Grading Rubric:
Header (5 points)
Body (10 points)
References (5 points)
Professionalism (5 points)
– Turn in the assignment on time
– No more than 2 typos
– Clean formatting

Technical Details for the Fact Sheet
– Font type: Arial (default) or Times New Roman (if you insist)
– Turned in as a pdf
– Fontsize of 11 (default) or 10 (if you need the extra space).
– Maximum length: 1 page (including all parts)
Project #2, Global Natural Hazards Fall 2022. Created by: replace this text with you name
Event Location: replace this text
Event Date(s): replace this text
Hazard Type(s): replace this text
On the right-side of the header, insert one small image of your choice related to the event
—– BODY —–
1. Was the event predicted (If so by whom? How accurately was it predicted?)
2. Was there any preparation for the event (Any evacuation plans, or strategy to mitigate the event’s impacts)
3. How did the event create a disaster (Provide a timeline for the disaster/sequence of events)
4. What was the role of exposure (based on the in-class definition of that terms)
5. What was the role of vulnerability (based on the in-class definition of that terms)
6. Was the hazard event extreme? i.e., was the hazard a rarely occurring event. (What was the probability of occurrence? If applicable)
7. What is one physical principal from the course lectures that helps to explain the behavior of the hazard for the natural disaster.
8. Add two additional unique facts about the event. Make sure you find these on your own.
[Use any sort citation style that you prefer]