Understanding how to convert between U.S. and Metric Units

Purpose: This homework assignment will strengthen learning objectives from Module 2 of the course. The learning objectives from Module 2 included explaining and discussing Environmental Controls in Buildings and HVAC systems including the scope and uses and air conditioning systems in buildings. The learning objectives from the lecture also included introducing and discussing the physical principles, i.e. the applied physics of HVAC systems and the theory behind these principles.
Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course.
Understanding how to convert between U.S. and Metric Units
Understanding the basic function and purpose of air conditioning systems
Applying physics and the principles of physical systems to solving HVAC related problems
Knowledge: This assignment will also help you become more familiar with the following important content knowledge in the field of construction management:
Understanding how to analyze simple HVAC systems
Applying disciplinary knowledge from construction management, but in the context of environmental building controls
Task: Complete the problems on the following pages
Criteria for Success:
Please print this document out and complete the problems on the following pages. Please turn in the assignment online to the Canvas website in one cohesive PDF or word document. Please do not submit multiple files, image files or other large file types. Please name your file LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_BCN4561_HW#1.