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Do the work’s formal attributes contribute to its meaning?

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Submit a 6-page object paper based on a single work of art in the collection of any museum in the world. You may choose any work of art in any collection, created by any Native American artist, from any time period. You are not required to visit the museum that holds the object you choose for your paper; this can be completed through virtual experience of the object, but you are welcome to visit the museum and the object if you have access. I encourage you to reach out to museum staff with questions as well. In your paper, you should analyze the work of art based on its formal and stylistic attributes, as well as its specific content and historical context. What is the work about? Is there a message? Or is the work purely functional? Do the work’s formal attributes contribute to its meaning? What historical, cultural, and/or personal circumstances prompted the artist to create this work? Your textbook and weekly course readings will aid in discovering the motivations and broader implications of the work you choose, but your analytical abilities will generate the argument of the paper, and outside research is required. You must submit a bibliography (of at least 6 sources) at the end of your final paper (your bibliography does not count as one of your six written pages). You should also include a reproduction of your object at the end of your paper, properly labeled with the name of the object, name of the artist (and tribal affiliation), date of production, place of production, and museum collection (your illustration does not count toward the required six page minimum).