Research studies must include a breadth and depth components.

Research the speculations on where the state-of-the-art will be in the near future for one of the following technologies. Your paper should include a descriiption of the state-of-the-art in your technology, a discussion of where the sources that you read believe the technology is heading in the near future, and a discussion of how this technology will affect the choices you would make if you were making purchase recommendations for a client. Although there is room for personal opinion in your paper, you must justify your conclusions.
Details on the Individual Research Paper:
1. Length and Style: The body of an analytic research paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length and typed using the APA Manual as a guide. (That would be 2700 to 3240 words based on an average of 270 words per page.) Student projects distill fundamental issues, discuss the various available solutions, discuss the benefits and limitations of the available solutions, and provide a new solution and justification. Student papers must state a thesis, and based on the research, attempt to prove or disprove that thesis. An adequate literature search will include a few books and journal articles (or other relevant documents). A search of Internet documentation is required. Students should develop a conclusion which synthesizes the literature in such a way as to demonstrate new knowledge.
Guidelines for the format of the paper are as follows:
The paper should be 10-12 pages of text in length. (This minimum and maximum length would equate to 2700 to 3240 words based on an average of 270 words per page.) The page count should not include the title page, separate figures and tables, or the list of references;
The paper should include a one paragraph abstract, an introduction, and a conclusion – think as if you were writing for a professional journal;
The paper should use APA format.
The different types of research can be classified as Theoretical, Empirical, and Evaluation. Theoretical research is focused on explaining phenomena through the logical analysis and synthesis of theories, principles, and the results of other forms of research such as empirical studies. Empirical research is focused on testing conclusions related to theories. Evaluation research is focused on a particular program, product or method, usually in an applied setting, for the purpose of describing, improving, or estimating its effectiveness and worth.
Research methods are broadly classified as Quantitative and Qualitative.
Quantitative research includes experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, and other methods that primarily involve collection of quantitative data and its analysis using inferential statistics such as t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, and regression analysis.
Qualitative research includes observation, case studies, diaries, interviews, and other methods that primarily involve the collection of qualitative data and its analysis using grounded theory and ethnographic approaches. The Case Study method provides a way of studying human events and actions in their natural surroundings. It captures people and events as they appear in their daily circumstance. It can offer a researcher empirical and theoretical gains in understanding phenomena.
You, as an adult learner, bring a wealth of expertise to your studies. This knowledge and skills should be used to formulate a research paper that raises new questions, new possibilities, and regards existing problems from a new angle. Effective research compares, contrasts, analyzes, evaluates, synthesizes, and integrates information rather than simply reports it. It should contains references to and examples of various theorists, theories, ideas, philosophies, being compared and contrasted as well as synthesized and integrated within your work. The research paper must demonstrate scholarly treatment of the material that the student has selected for further study. It goes without saying that the research paper must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. References must be cited correctly using APA style.
Research studies must include a Breadth and Depth components. In the Breadth component, you should demonstrate familiarity with broad theoretical and conceptual topic area and provide an overview of major theories, theorists, and schools of thought. The Depth section should promote understanding of latest research and build on theory presented in the Breadth section; it should be designed to foster greater depth, development and detail in examination of one or more aspects that has already been introduced.
While developing the Research Paper, the following questions should be used as a checklist:
Does the research deal with significant and meaningful problem that lends itself to a substantial research effort?
Is there a justification that demonstrates why the problem is worth studying?
Is it clear who or what will be aided by research findings?
Will the findings provide a basis for generalized conclusions or have practical applicability?
Is the purpose of the research expressed clearly?
Is the research question or hypotheses stated concisely and explicitly? Does it logically flow from the problem?
Are limitations of the study identified with recognition of their consequences?
Are technical terms well defined? Are definitions clear and unambiguous?
Is the theoretical framework related to previous research? Is previous work on the topic critically appraised?
Is the research informed by primary sources of theories, concepts, principles and models in the field, and are they referred to specifically?
Are methods of data collection appropriately explained?
Is data analysis complete and presented logically?
Are conclusions and recommendations useful and tied to findings?


Is there a way for you to do this assignment.

Is there a way for you to do this assignment. I don’t have the book yet. But I didn’t know if you could find this assignment. or not. Let me know if you have questions. this is due at midnight tonight at 12 on east coast time. It’s 3:14 pm right now.

Classic English literature

Discuss the representation of agency.

Second “In-Class” Essay for English 110, Section 003
November 4, 2022, 11:00am-11:50am, on-line
Choose two or three specific pages (which do not have to be sequential or contiguous) from Ms. Marvel: No Normal. Choose one of the numbered essay-prompts below, and write a well-argued critical analysis of the pages you choose, based on your own close reading of the comic. Make sure that you include detailed, engaged analysis of the language, images and formal structure of the pages you choose. Make sure that your essay has a critically-focused thesis: what is the main point that you want to make about how you read or interpret the pages you choose?
Your essay must also include the following four elements (not necessarily in this order). Please discuss significant details of visual images. Please examine diction and word-choice. Please analyze the ways in which the creators employ or delimit space. Please comment on character or persona or voice.

Choose one of the following essay prompts:

Discuss the depiction of the body. How and why do bodies matter?

Discuss the representation of the speaking subject. How and why is a sense of self created through text?

Discuss the depiction of gender. How and why is gender delimited and addressed through text?

Discuss the representation of agency. How and why are characters empowered to speak and to act?

Discuss the depiction of reading and writing and telling. How and why does this text reflect on the making of stories?

Your essay should comment primarily on the passages you choose, but you are welcome–time and space permitting–to refer to other parts of the books from which these passages are taken, or to compare what you discover in your reading of Ms. Marvel to a relevant text by Elizabeth Bishop or Kathleen Jamie.
You must submit your essay by typing it into the assignment portal on the class Canvas page, or by uploading a Word file (*.doc, *.docx) or a *.pdf. Unless you have an accommodation, you must submit your essay before 11:55am PDT on Friday, November 4, 2022. (Submissions will be time-stamped by Canvas to confirm this timing.)
Choose two pages or maximum three pages from comic to analyze in order to answer essay prompt chosen.
Must use graphic novel terminology to explain and analyze
Draw in example from text and quote them in graphic novel terms. For example: “in the first panel of page#, it can be noted that the protagonist is portrayed in the foreground. Analysis………”
Should be around 900 to 1500 words
***Graphically text attached as pdf to be used


To which extent are non-protein coding regions of the genome implicated in human genetic disease – put emphasis on the contrast mendelian versus common complex diseases

To which extent are non-protein coding regions of the genome implicated in human genetic disease – put emphasis on the contrast Mendelian versus common complex diseases

Health Care

The infographic should be created from the perspective of an acute care health care facility and its revenue cycle.

onduct an internet search and complete all readings to have an understanding of the three parts of RCM; front end processes, middle processes, and back end processes. Create an infographic describing the processes to include components of each process. The infographic should be created from the perspective of an acute care health care facility and its revenue cycle.


How also will you gain site permission in these ways?

his will be a discussion post for my doctoral qualitative research class. You must support your response with at least two new peer-reviewed articles, but can also cite any of the provided resources. For this particular assignment, using Bailey, C. A. (2018). A guide to qualitative field research. Sage. Ch. 2 & 4, Pan,L (2017) Preparing Literature Reviews : Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, and all other provided resources, respond to the following two topics:
Part A:
Using headings or numbers clearly complete all of the following for this post:
1. Central research question:  In what ways do different perspectives perceive and understand their experiences with education and educative processes? (THIS IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE!)
2. Sub-question (which you need to finish): In what ways do [insert whose perspective you are interested in]* perceive and understand their experiences with education and educative processes? (You are talking broadly about a segment of the population here—not about anyone specific person.  Examples: teachers, parents, athletes, administrators, seniors in assisted living, immigrant mothers, etc. This group can and should be related, in some way, to your dissertation.  If you need help or ideas here, please reach out with questions.) * NOTE: limit your choice of ‘whose perspective’ to adults for this project. Interviewing minors (younger than 18) requires an assent and consent process.
3. A rationale for this sub-question, i.e. briefly explain why it may be important to better understand the educative experiences of your specific population of interest in #2.
4. Using Bailey, Chapter 4, Pan’s Checklist of Guidelines, with a focus on checklists for chapters 3-6, and the APA publication manual, please include at least three to five in-text citations, with a corresponding reference list, to back up any claims you made in your rationale.  These sources should push beyond course texts.
Part B:
* Read the:
1. Belmont Report,
2. the IRB application,
3. the Guidance_site permission, and
4. the Guidance_consent documents in Readings and Resources. 
* When you consider your own dissertation, write briefly how you will engage with participants in ways that are characterized by respect, dignity, and care, meeting the high ethical standards?  How also will you gain site permission in these ways?
* Based on Chapter 2 in Bailey, the IRB documents, the lecture and the sample of informed consent (attached), write and post an informed consent letter that you will use for this study. This informed consent letter should include all items listed in the IRB informed consent checklist. You will use this letter with your interview participant.
Textbooks, blogs, magazine or internet articles, book chapters, or special reports, do not count toward the peer-reviewed minimum. Connections to the peer reviewed references should be used throughout your writing with in-text citations and matching reference citations.
For your reference, I am a healthy, white 34-year old female from Kentucky. I am extremely active and spend a lot of time working out and eating healthy food. Also, I am a college professor in the Exercise Science department and own an online fitness and nutrition coaching business. My dissertation topic is the effect of daily vs. weekly check-ins for adherence in an online fitness & nutrition coaching program ). Please refer to this link for further explanation regarding my dissertation topic (
I have attached the book chapters and recommended resources to elaborate on the assignment expectations. Make sure to provide substantial evidence from scholarly resources and refrain from making generalized statements. Textbooks, blogs, magazine or internet articles, book chapters, or special reports, do not count toward scholarly resources.


How do you know the research is methodologically robust?

Read the Case Study of Marvin.
In addition to anxiety being a symptom of mental health diagnoses, it can also be a symptom of certain medical illnesses.
Find a medical condition that can mimic or cause anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and find two articles about that medical disorder.
Post your summary of the two research articles you reviewed. Be sure that you integrate both into one coherent summary, providing support for your claims about which medical conditions should be kept in mind when seeing anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
What, if any, ethnic or cultural controversies are factors to consider when teasing out the etiology of anxiety and obsessive-compulsions related to this medical concern?
Note: You may want to pay particular attention to the sections of your DSM-5-TR text that review substance or medication-induced anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as possible medical reasons for the disorders.
Any of the listed medical conditions might contribute to Marvin’s anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
Provide a critical evaluation of the research you studied.
Is it methodologically robust?
Are the findings sufficiently robust to persuade you?
Be sure to support your conclusions well. Think about these issues carefully before you begin to write this post. It will be particularly important for you to answer these questions:
How do you know the research is methodologically robust?
What is needed to make it robust?
If you are unsure about this, how can you get your questions answered?


Task 1 comparative advantage an example of at least one uk industry task 2 compare one uk industry to a different country’s same industry.

Task 1 Comparative Advantage an example of at least one UK industry Task 2 Compare ONE UK industry to a different country’s same industry.


How did it touch the four domains?

Movie Critique: A one page summary and critique of the documentary, Paper
Clips. Include your perceptions of performance-based instruction, and touch on the four domains; cognitive, emotional, social, and physical with examples from the
movie. The idea is to assess what the Paperclips Project accomplished using the four domains as a means of assessment. This closed community knew very little of religious/ethnic prejudice and the Holocaust provided a real-life study. How did it touch the four domains? *WATCH BOTH MOVIE CLIPS
Paper Clips #1-
Paper Clips #2-

Criminal Justice

Write a 600 word summary of chapter’s three and four in hoffman (2017).

Write a 600 word summary of chapter’s three and four in Hoffman (2017). It should address the internationalization of terrorism, the PLO and the internationalization of terrorism, the Palestinians as model: the rise of ethno-nationalist terrorism, the Palestinians as mentors: the rise of revolutionary left-wing terrorism, religion & terrorism, core characteristics of religious terrorism, Islamic groups, Jewish extremism, Sikh militants, American Christian white supremacists, and cults. Be sure to follow the grading rubric – 20 points maximum (see this video to learn how to format your assignment).
APA Formatted